Getting Started with the Visitation program

  • Most families will be connected with the visitation program with a need for a court recommended visitation objective for one of the parents and the child or children.
  • The Family will have an initial assessment and orientation session with Red Tent Family Center’s professional staff.
  • They will learn in the orientation how what to expect in the program, and will be assigned a Family Visitation Supervisor and weekly schedule for their weekly family visits at the Red Tent Family Center.

How it works and what to expect

  • The visitation program is typically centered around a standard two-hour family visit – and is uniquely supported by the personal attention of the Family Visitation Supervisor.
  • The family visits will be held in our private, bright and cheery family visit rooms.
  • The Family Visitation Supervisor will meet the child or children and the parent as they check in at the front of Red Tent Family Center and guide them back to their family visit room.
  • Once both parent and child or children have arrived in the family visit room, the Family Visitation Supervisor will consult with the family on possible objectives and activities for the visit.
  • Options will include activities and interactions that can stay within the private visit room, or to go to one of the activity, movement, and play stations in the Red Tent Family Center.
  • The Concierge will observe and support the parent and child interaction, and as needed provide guidance for the family across the duration of the visit.
  • Once the visit is drawing to a close, the Supervisor will facilitate a brief conclusion of the visit, eliciting feedback and hopes and goals for future sessions.